Environmental Portraits

This week’s photojournalism class assignment was to take two environmental portraits, one photo per person. I went above the requirement and took six photos. Because of that, I was able to reconnect with some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile, revisit places I used to frequent but still love, and practice my photography more! Even though I knew these people, I still experienced some nervousness in taking their photos because I really wanted to take quality shots that I could give back to them later. This time around, my biggest struggle was with utilizing the white balance settings correctly. I am hoping for more practice time inside of class because outside of class there is less guidance and I am so busy with full time school, work and planning our wedding. From the assignment, I learned how to light up the subjects face with the available light, a problem that I would have used to just Photoshop away or use flash mode. I realized that I needed to be thinking more critically about how I take photos and set the setting/location of the photo. Throughout this assignment, I really enjoyed being about to really consider the subject, what was important to them, what was important to convey about them, and how they felt about having their portrait taken. I was able make them feel comfortable, enthusiastic about my assignment, and also learn from several of them about photography! I am more fired up than ever to take more and more photos! The addiction to visually documenting life is too real.

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