This week’s assignment: People in motion




This week’s assignment honestly scared me to the core. I was busy over the weekend with other projects such as work and having our engagement photo shoot done. Then on Monday I got sick and very lacking of energy due to the keto-flu. It is a lifestyle choice change but because of it I feel dizzy and fatigued most of the time. For the first three weekdays I had way too little to eat and work every morning before classes so it was very difficult to focus on assignments.

When I finally was able to get out and do the photo shoot for this People in Motion assignment, I brought my fiance with me because I was so anxious in thinking about walking around and photographing strangers. I had a bad experience getting held up on my first assignment for portrait photos in the local arboretum and was too nervous to be alone around strangers again in the evening hours. It helped me out a lot to have an assistant holding my bag for me, listening to my problems and offering suggestions.

For this assignment I actually remembered what was said in class on how to capture people in motion with a proper shutter speed. What I didn’t realize was that in the process, some tiny substances got into my camera sensor and now I have to buy a tech blower, probably at best buy or something so I can actually shoot some photos to practice over this weekend. I know my anxiety is silly though because once I am out of my comfort zone and actually taking the photos, I feel much better, like I am on some sort of adventure, ever eager to see how much better I can do.

My goal for this week is to buy the blower tomorrow and get started on next week’s assignment! I am also hoping that I adjust to this diet soon so that I have plenty of energy to work all day. This week I will adjust my photos in Photoshop to see how good I can make them look and also upload my photos early in the lab so I don’t have to worry about a thing on the due date. ^_^

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