The NPPA is Your Best Friend as a Visual Journalist, Besides Your Camera.



The National Press Photographers Association is a professional networking society that is concerned with high ethical standards in taking photographs of real people in real situations.

If you are someone who wants to be a part of something more than just yourself in the photography world, you could consider becoming a productive, connected member of the NPPA.

You can join either as a student ($65 a year), professional ($110 a year), or a retired professional ($65 a year).

Some of the benefits that you can get as a member are: the access to the NPPA’s Photo ID Card at a price of 20 dollars, access to the NPPA’s self employment business calculator, access to online educational resources, the NPPA’s Code of Ethics to go by, access to the NPPA’s job and internship networking, access to participating the NPPA’s contests, legal and business teams, discounts on equipment, insurance, workshops and seminars held by the NPPA, a yearly subscription to the News Photographer mag, mentoring program and making yourself more available in the world of Visual Journalism.

Joining the NPPA gives you access to a whole world network of people passionate about photo journalism that you would not have access to otherwise. If you would like to contribute to the furthering of education, donate to the National Press Photographers Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to the furtherment of education and scholarships to hard working and passionate individuals in the upcoming and already existing field:

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