In-Class Deadline Feature

Today’s assignment went pretty well I think. We were assigned as a class to go out and capture a photo or two as a feature of a story on campus events or people handling the sunny weather.

I immediately buddied up with a few people to start my walk with. One by one we went out separate ways are started capturing our own photos.

I found my person sitting half under the shadow of a large tree and half bathing in the sunshine while sitting and texting. She wore really cool pants and I noticed that my classmates failed to pick up on her as a subject, so I decided to choose her as mine.

I walked up to her, said hello and waited for her to remove her earbuds. She was very friendly as I introduced myself and the topic. I asked for her full name and email so I could send her the photo after.

I proceeded to walk up to the Old Main lawn on campus with my classmate so she wouldn’t be alone when she talked to her subjects. I made a friend out of the experience.

I sent my subject the photo and she thanked me for it. This was the first photo in class where I do not remember hearing any potential advice for it, so I felt like I did a good job in presentation that didn’t leave anything desired to do differently. I made sure to crop it in a conscientious manner, turned up the contrast a slight bit, and made the colors pop out more as well as adjusting the levels.

Anyways, here is the photo I have been describing! feature-kenerson
Ashley Romana sits in partial shade as she waits for her next class to begin on Western Washington University’s campus in Bellingham, Washington on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Romana is one of the many students on campus out between classes to enjoy the sunny weather.
Photo by Ashley Kenerson

My camera settings were: Lens- Canon EFS 15-55mm.
ISO- 200
Exposure: 1/320

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