FYI- The Open Society Foundation is aka the biggest philanthropic organization ever made.

[1]David Callahan, founder and editor of Inside Philanthropy, claims that The Open Society Foundations is the biggest philanthropic organization in the history of philanthropic organizations.

This is a really good thing to have as fact because the OSF was put in place to help build open and tolerant societies where people of all types could participate in their government, provided the government was being transparent in their policies.

The OSF is a ethical society that has been building  initiatives all throughout the world now in open and free media, education, human rights and health. The OSF works to provide a voice for the people in marginalized communities.

[2]The OSF was started by George Soros, who started as a hedge fund manager and then saved up enough money to be able to fund the OSF. “Open society is based on the recognition that our understanding of the world is inherently imperfect,” Soros said. “What is imperfect can be improved.”

Soros started his first outside of the United States foundation in Hungary in the early 80’s. He was perfectly sneaky in his ways of providing a voice for the people in that he provided several public spaces such as libraries, universities and other civil society groups photocopiers, so they could distribute their own news and event facts. This is how he helped the marginalized of others in authoritarian societies.

In 1991, Soros found the Central European University as a space to provide democracy for societies. The OSF spent at least half of its funds on education programs for young children to college aged persons.


This photo here is an example of the work that the OSF publishes:

Young children in Ukraine are being treated equally in their schools and success rates are going up in terms of education and health.


20170413-garanich-ukraine-kiev-classroom-3000Photo by:  © Gleb Garanich/Newscom









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